Since 1990 PROJET (first as AGRITALIA) has always been engaged in the production of agricultural machinery, particularly in the production of equipments for protecting plants and crops, such as sprayers, dusters, and herbicides, expanding in time its range of products with sprayers, shredders, hydraulic elevators , dusters, spreaders and other, so as to produce an enviable full line now technologically advanced.

All this thanks to the insight, inventiveness and accurate choices made by its founder (Ms.Luigi Blasi), which represents the soul of the company, being the administrative / commercial core. We can say that PROJET is nowadays a modern, dynamic and organized reality , together with all others Progroup companies, and fully satisfies the needs of the modern farmer.

The continuous design of all components, the implementation of related artifacts, the continuous practice tests, make PROJET product highly qualified and competitive.

All production processes are carried out in our factories through innovative and technologically advanced implants such as the implant for the rotational molding of all the parts made in polyethylene, the injection press,for the realization of all plastic details,the varnish Epoxy implant system of last generation, the carpentry department, equipped with all necessary equipments,as well as a unique three-dimensional bending that allows to get robust and efficient. chassis

By inserting these modern devices, together with the industrial expansion, in force with a prudent management, the need to expand the surface has arisen, so that the overall business company now occupies an area of approximately 43,000 square meters of which 20,000 sq m in coverage.

PROJET has its own commercial network, developed throughout the whole national country and represented by inspectors, and qualified professional agents and dealers,. All products are delivered on time in a very short period thanks to an excellent internal supply management chain, and boasts a fleet of vehicles for specific transport and for permanent structures such as the branch in Imola (Bologna), which allow constant and immediate connections throughout the country. Our national establishments as well as those in Spain and Portugal, guarantee the presence in all markets, thanks to exclusive retailers and importers that complete the internationalization of the company, so as to make it assume a leadership position at national and international level

The company strengths are the constant search for quality, guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification, customer satisfaction, always at the center of every business decision, innovative solutions, respect for the environment, the enthusiasm in the own work, the achievement of new goals, the ability to adapt quickly to the ongoing market changes, it's i the mission of all PROJET employees who daily fulfill earnestly their work and professionalism.

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